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9th Afera Technical Seminar
6-8 April 2020
Brussels Marriott Hotel, Belgium
63rd Afera Annual Conference
October 2020
Location & date: TBD
7th Global Tape Forum & Global Test Methods Committee Meetings
17-19 November 2020
Osaka, Japan
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Grab your opportunity and submit your abstract!

Based on the following programme outline you can submit your entry and indicate in the form in which session your entry would fit best.

Session 1+2 Tape Chemistry and Technology - Part 1/Part 2

  • New raw materials
  • New adhesive technologies
  • New manufacturing /process methods
  • New tape analytical methods (e.g. rheological topics, REM)
  • Digital world: Artificial Intelligence for tape developments, FEM methods for tape engineering

Session 3 - Tapes in a Sustainable World ("our green session")

  • Sustainable raw materials and tapes (enabler products, biodegradable, biobased materials)
  • Reducing the CO2 impact
    o    Solvent vs other technologies
    o    Biobased raw material & bio degradability
  • Waste reduction / recycling
    o    In production environment
    o    Techniques to reduce the amount of tape
    o    Debonding on demand -> enabling circular economy
    o    Recycling of tape after use

Session 4 - Markets, Applications and Regulations

  • Regulation (REACH, Circular economy, BREF, relevant changes in legislation influencing tapes
  • Innovation
    o     Positive Impact of tape on human (medical tapes)
    o     Mobility & tapes
    o     Safety & tapes
  • New markets for adhesive tapes
  • New application for adhesive tapes
The Afera Technical Seminar working group will review all abstracts submitted and make selections for presentations at its Technical Seminar, 6-8 April in Brussels, Belgium, as well as for publication in seminar proceedings. You will be notified before the end of December if your submission has been selected. The deadline to submit an abstract is 13 December 2019. In case of questions, please contact us.

Warm regards,

Reinhard Storbeck - tesa SE
Afera TC & TechSem Chair
Astrid Lejeune
 Afera Secretary General


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