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Afera News June 2013

Afera News

Afera's new digital newsletter
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This is the second issue of Afera’s bi-quarterly digital newsletter containing the latest Association and industry news and information most useful to Afera’s Membership and the self-adhesive industry.  Afera News topics cover:

  • Industry developments
  • Market trends
  • Public affairs
  • Environmental and standardisation projects and issues
  • Educational and networking events and meetings.  

By popular demand, Afera is pleased to offer special ad rates to Afera Member Companies per 2, 4 and 8 editions.  Contact Afera’s Secretariat for more information.  The first edition of Afera Review, the Association’s annual hard-copy sum up of self-adhesive tape issues, projects and events, is set for distribution in January 2014.


Afera re-launches European tape community website set to go live on 1 September 2013

Afera’s website will feature interesting, relevant industry news and sections on types of effective tape solutions per application/industry, success stories, a tape fact-file and a white paper on key tape capabilities.

Afera News

Join the European tape community @Afera's Annual Conference
Sicily, October 2013 

Afera’s Annual Conference is set to take place at the Atahotel Capotaormina in Taormina, Sicily (Italy), from Tuesday, 1st October through Friday, 4th October.  Afera’s Conference Programme Committee has developed a working programme focussed on looking toward growth in a post-crisis economy, including a Captains of Industry panel discussion.  The Social Programme is set to include visits to Taormina, Catania and Mount Etna.  Discounted Member rates still apply.

‘Captains of industry’ debate planned for Sicily Conference
Panel discussion to highlight Working Programme

Afera aims to provide an organised, collaborative platform on which to exchange valuable information in the interest of growing its Members’ businesses and the tape industry in general.  With this in mind, Afera’s Secretary-General and the Annual Conference Programme Committee have scheduled a ‘captains of industry’ debate on Day 3 with the Conference theme of “Moving from Survival to Growth in the Post-Crisis Tape Market.”  Some of the trends that will be covered:
  • Increasing online content marketing practices and influences and direct online contact with end-users
  • Decreasing demand and resulting capacity adjustments by manufacturers
  • Reshaping of European industrial productivity focused on improving automation, lower-cost materials and the shift to lower-labour-cost countries
  • Increasing speed of innovation.
The COI panel discussion is set to be moderated by Afera Marketing Committee Chairman Mike Punter.  Don’t miss this Working Programme highlight on Friday, 4 October 2013, 11.30-12.00.


Afera’s Annual Conference 2014:  Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Croatia, 30/9-3/10


Afera’s 6th Technical Seminar a success
93 enthusiastic participants learned about the latest innovations and technical issues in the tape business

15-17 April, Brussels – Open to all tape industry professionals, the 3-day Technical Seminar (TS) is aimed at updating the industry on the cutting-edge technical issues driving the pressure sensitive adhesive tape industry.  A participant survey revealed that attendees thought the Seminar content and structure offered the highest quality and best mix to date, with especially high marks given for the level of technical content.  Jean-Loup Masson’s “Peel Tests:  More than a Data Point: a Picture of your Adhesive” and Costantino Creton’s “Multilayer Adhesive Films” were the two highest-rated papers.  All TS 2013 presentations can be found in the
Paper Archive of the Members-Only section of


6th Technical Seminar Event Editorial by Dr. Michael Gerstenberger

The well-established AFERA TS was arranged for the sixth time at its well-known venue in Brussels, attracting some one hundred attendees from all in all ten countries. Participants mingled together from literally all over the world, i.e. from far away countries like India, Israel and the United States, the majority, of course, originating from Europe.  Read more

a Global Tape Forum website re-launched in April

As agreed at the Global Tape Forum’s (GTF) 3rd Meeting on 19 November 2012 in Taipei, Afera S-G Astrid Lejeune has worked with Lejeune Association Management staff and GTF Members to redesign and update GTF’s website.  The result is an attractive, informative, user-friendly medium for learning about and communicating with global regional counterparts and tape business players around the world.  Afera has asked the other GTF Members, including Afera MEI (Middle East and India), PSTC (North America), JATMA (Japan), CATIA (China) and TAAT (Taiwan) to contribute useful information, such as PSA tape production figures, environmental legislation, and industry news, events and links, to the new website.  Check it out at  
Afera News

Afera launches sustainability initiative:  The leveraging effect of tapes
Take a moment to fill out an industry questionnaire

With the theme ‘tapes enable sustainable solutions’, the Sustainability WG (S-WG) launched in 2012 an initiative focussing on the environmental benefits of tape usage.  The project scope includes the topics of product definition along the value chain, raw materials and end-of-use.  The S-WG, which includes Members Evert Smit (Arizona Chemical), Axel Heβland (IVK/FEICA), Bart Forier (Nitto Europe), Christophe Küsters (Afera TC Vice-Chairman, 3M Laboratories Europe), Melanie Lack (Henkel) and Christian Reiter (Ahlstrom Corporation), planned to launch a research and assessment process, conducting analysis of market trends  and customer requests.  The S-WG began by attempting to canvas Afera’s Membership for business and customer experiences with sustainability issues but received very little feedback.

At Afera’s latest Technical Seminar in Brussels, Mr. Smit joined the Working Programme, presenting a well-received paper entitled “Sustainability:  The Leveraging Effect of Tapes”.  He presented his team’s goal of co-operating with FEICA’s Sustainability WG, which is currently running a Sustainable Development Questionnaire at  In addition to this, Mr. Smit urged all attendees and tape industry stakeholders to answer the following survey questions and mail them to him at

  1. How important is sustainability for your company?  Both now and five years from now?
  2. Should Afera further this initiative?  Would you be willing to help us?  If yes, please provide your contact details.
  3. Is our focus on the benefits of tapes the right one in our view?  If not, what would you like to see focussed on?
  4. Should we work closer on sustainability with FEICA?  Using their toolbox approach?

Depending on the type and level of response, the S-WG will develop a draft proposal for an Afera Sustainability Strategy and then conduct a relevance check within Afera’s Technical Committee and the greater Association Membership.  


Afera’s Steering Committee welcomes new Member

Following the resignation of Renata Klamka of tesa Poland, who has been a Steering Committee (SC) Member since 2007, Mete Konuralp of tesa Turkey has agreed to join the SC as her replacement.  Mr. Konuralp brings to the SC an enormous amount of energy, knowledge and commitment, especially with regard to representing and recruiting new Members from his region, which includes the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Israel and Turkey.  Although he has agreed to meet with co-Members and take on projects already, Mr. Konuralp will not be officially installed until his appointment is confirmed by a vote in the General Assembly (GA) in October of this year. 
SC to propose redrawing of regional lines at upcoming General Assembly
At the GA, the SC will also present the Association’s Statutes for amendment regarding SC Composition.  The breakdown of five Regions and Committees (with indicated numbers of representatives) will include:

  • Western Europe including the U.K., Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scandinavia (1)
  • Central Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland (1)
  • Southern Europe including Italy, Spain and Portugal (1)
  • Eastern Europe including countries from the Baltics, Turkey and Israel (1)
  • The Technical and Marketing Committees (2).

Mike Punter, Managing Director of Parafix Holdings, Ltd., was most recently confirmed as Chairman of the Marketing Committee for a term of two years, ending in September 2014  

Afera Technical Committee leadership to change hands

After years of service to Afera’s Technical Committee (TC), Chairman Chrétien Donker plans to retire from Eastman Chemical Middelburg B.V. as from 1st January 2014.  Afera TC Vice-Chairman Christophe Küsters of 3M Laboratories Europe GmbH has been appointed as his successor.  TC leadership will change hands during the next TC Meeting on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013 (9.00-12.30) at the Atahotel Capotaormina, Taormina, Sicily (Italy), directly preceding the Annual Conference. 
All other SC Member offices expire in September 2013 and will be up for re-election.


New Members since 1st January 2013
Frimpeks GmbH, Germany (Active Member)


New SAFT Test Method Development

Afera Technical Committee company delegates from 3M, BASF, Dow, Henkel, Lohmann and tesa have just finished conducting a second series of Round Robin Tests on the proposed new SAFT TM.  Lohmann had provided a new, high shear, single-sided tape to each participant, while tesa’s double-sided tape had been reused for evaluation, both sides being tested with a two-kilogram weight.  The results, which were due in to Afera by 31st May 2013 and analysed by Jϋrgen Kahl, reveal large differences among the labs (of almost 20 C).  Lutz Jacob has asked participants to fill out a survey on the procedure they use to attach the sample to the steel plate:

  1. What is your start temperature for the test?
  2. Do you heat the steel plate with the sample attached in the oven to the start temperature and then attach the weight?
  3. Or, do you put the steel plate with the attached sample into the oven cold for your start temperature?
  4. Are the steel plates old and often used?

The completed survey must be delivered to Mr. Jacob by 15th July 2013 in order to allow for the opportunity to indentify the possible causes for the range of differences among the labs.
DIN replaces AFNOR as WG 7 Secretariat

In December 2012, TC 253 (Self-Adhesive Tapes) merged with CEN TC 193 (Adhesives), which is active and has mirror committees in most European countries.  As the convenor of WG 7 (Self-Adhesive Tapes) within TC 193, Afera’s Lutz Jacob, a former ExxonMobil global tape industry executive and current consultant, has recruited DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, to serve as secretariat for CEN TC 193/WG 7.  On behalf of Afera’s Steering Committee, WG 7 has agreed to engage DIN for a period of at least three years with an annual fee of €5,800.  DIN will facilitate the systematic review of the existing 21 EN standards for self-adhesive tapes that have been taken over by CEN TC 193/WG 7 from the former Technical Committee CEN/TC 253 “Self-Adhesive Tapes”.  If revisions or developments of new European standards are necessary, additional financial support will be agreed upon beforehand.  DIN’s Anja Schönenborn is heading up the WG 7 project.


Application of EU Timber Regulation starts 3 March 2013 – Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 laying down the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market – also known as the (Illegal) Timber Regulation, counters the trade in illegally harvested timber and timber products through three key obligations:

  1. It prohibits the placing on the EU market for the first time of illegally harvested timber and products derived from such timber;
  2. It requires EU traders who place timber products on the EU market for the first time to exercise 'due diligence'; Once on the market, the timber and timber products may be sold on and/or transformed before they reach the final consumer. To facilitate the traceability of timber products economic operators in this part of the supply chain (referred to as traders in the regulation) have an obligation to
  3. Keep records of their suppliers and customers.

The Regulation covers a wide range of timber products listed in its Annex using EU Customs code nomenclature.
The application of the Regulation will start from 3rd March 2013 to allow sufficient time for EU operators, timber producers and Member States, as well as trading partners, to prepare, During this period the Commission will adopt more detailed rules.  Read more
More information is also available at the Timber Trade Federation.

Key players agree to maintain and develop their efforts to encourage SME participation in standardization activities, 30 May 2013, Brussels – High-level representatives of the European Standardization Organisations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI), the European Commission, business and industry organisations, and other key stakeholders of the European Standardization System took part in the European Conference on SMEs and Standardization, which was held in Brussels on 28 May. The general consensus was that further efforts are needed to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with accurate and up-to-date information about different kinds of standards, as well as to encourage and support SMEs' involvement in developing and drafting European and international standards.
The full version of this press release can be found on the CEN-CENELEC website:
Prefab houses that are glued, not nailed, together, 13 June 2013 – With prefabricated houses, the dream of having one's own home can quickly become a reality. Until now, nails have been used to hold the individual components together. Now an adhesive tape has been developed to perform this task.  Read more
Prefab houses could soon be taped together, 13 June 2013 - Prefabricated houses are made up of separate pre-assembled modules that are joined to one another on-site – those modules, in turn, are made up of various wooden components that are typically nailed (or sometimes stapled) together in a factory. The wood used in the frames of the modules must be reasonably thick, in order not to split when the nails are driven in. This places some limitations on design possibilities. Now, however, German scientists have developed an alternative to those nails: electrically-activated adhesive tape.  Read more
How duct tape patched up the world – and why we're still sticking with it, 14 June 2013 – Over the past half a century, duct tape has been keeping NASA's astronauts alive, putting airplanes back together, making race cars speedier and patching up millions of fix-it projects. It's even been used to remove warts. But the makers of duct tape aren't resting on their sticky, gray laurels: On the contrary, engineers and designers are adding some new twists to the decades-old standby.  Read more
Workers co-ops emerge from Italian small business collapse, 13 June 2013 – ...Since Ri-Maflow was founded in March, workers at an occupied factory in Rome, once used to repair railway carriages, have set up "Officine Zero" to do recycling work, while those at former adhesive tape manufacturer Evotape in southern Italy have created their own co-op to continue production.  Read more
Adchem issues bonding study of adhesive tape systems for newer materials from Armacell, 10 June 2013 - RIVERHEAD, NY -- Adchem Corporation, a major supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes for the automotive and industrial markets, has issued a bonding study of adhesive tape systems for new materials from Armacell.  Read more


Afera News

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Recent News:

  • Afera’s first digital newsletter was issued in April 2013.
  • The 3rd Global Tape Forum and Global Test Methods Committee Meetings were hosted on 19th November by our Taiwanese counterpart association, TAAT, prior to their Technical Seminar on 20th-21st November 2012.  Read more
  • Themed “Sustainability:  Hype or Your Chance Now?,” the Association’s Annual Conference held from 2nd-5th October 2012 at the Hotel Hesperia Madrid, Spain, was a great success.  Read more
  • Afera conducted a Member satisfaction survey among 110 current Members, ~15 former Members and a large number of potential Members in June 2012 via SurveyMonkey.  Read more

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