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Afera News September 2013

Afera News

Afera takes it new European tape community website live in 1st phase of project,
Afera promotes limitless range of self-adhesive tape applications in new website

– Press Release, The Hague, The Netherlands, 25 September 2013 – Afera, the European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry, announced today the go-live of the first phase of its new website,  Afera’s website is aimed at raising the profile of tape as a functional solution able to outperform many other fastening and assembly methods in the design and manufacture of appliances, automobiles, building supplies, electronics, medical supplies, industrial products, packaging, etc.  Taking live marks the launch of Afera’s social media initiative to foster greater contact and awareness of the many forms, uses and benefits of self-adhesive tape among engineers and manufacturers in order to grow the market.  Read more

Afera's new digital newsletter
More of the latest news, improved distribution, great ad rates 

This is the second issue of Afera’s bi-quarterly digital newsletter containing the latest Association and industry news and information most useful to Afera’s Membership and the self-adhesive industry.  Afera News topics cover:

  • Industry developments
  • Market trends
  • Public affairs
  • Environmental and standardisation projects and issues
  • Educational and networking events and meetings.  

By popular demand, Afera is pleased to offer special ad rates to Afera Member Companies per 2, 4 and 8 editions.  Contact Afera’s Secretariat for more information.  The first edition of Afera Review, the Association’s annual hard-copy sum up of self-adhesive tape issues, projects and events, is set for distribution in January 2014.

Afera News

European tape industry gathers for Afera's Annual Conference ● ‘Moving from survival to growth in the post-crisis tape market’ ● Captains of industry debate
Sicily, October 2013

Afera’s Secretariat, President and Steering Committee representative of the ‘Italy’ Region of Membership, along with its 12 sponsors, are looking forward to welcoming the shakers and movers of the European tape industry at the upcoming Afera Annual Conference, which will be held at the Atahotel Capotaormina in Taormina, Sicily (Italy), from Tuesday, 1st October through Friday, 4th October.  The Working Programme is developed around the theme ‘Moving from Survival to Growth in the Post-Crisis Tape Market,’ featuring nine presentations and a ‘Captains of Industry’ Panel Debate on topics related to the tape marketplace and company management.

**Although conference room seats are still available, any last-minute registrants will have to book their own accommodation, as the facility is fully booked.


Afera's Tape College 2014
7-9 April, Brussels Marriott Hotel

Afera will host its sixth Tape College (TC) next year.  The TC is a 3-day educational seminar designed to provide industry newcomers, as well as those interested in keeping abreast of the technical essentials of self adhesive tape, with an understanding of the fundamentals of the tape business.  The Working Programme is already set to include:
  • Work- and travel-friendly format:  starting Monday at lunchtime, finishing after lunch Wednesday
  • 14 lectures, 45-minute papers, panel discussion after each of 4 sessions
  • Seminar Chairman:  Christophe Küsters (Afera Technical Committee Chairman, 3M Laboratories Europe GmbH)
  • Session Chairmen confirmed:  Evert Smit (Arizona Chemical), Volker Schmidt (tesa SE), Ralf Rönisch (Coroplast Fritz Müller)
  • All subject material has been updated where relevant
  • Participation is open to both Afera and non-Afera Members.
More information about the event and becoming a sponsor will follow this autumn.

Afera's Annual Conference 2014
1-4 October, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Croatia 

Afera News

Committee Meetings to be held @Sicily Conference next week
Location: Atahotel Capotaormina in Taormina, 2nd floor, Sala Etna

Marketing Committee

Tuesday, 1st October, 13.00-17.30
Lunch will served in the room before the meeting
Technical Committee
Wednesday, 2nd October, 9.00-12.30
Lunch will be served after the meeting
Steering Committee
Wednesday, 2nd October, 13.00 – 17.30
Lunch will be served in the meeting room before the meeting
Meeting agendas, former meeting minutes and ongoing action lists have already been distributed to all Committee Members, who are asked to confirm their participation or absence to the Secretariat if they haven’t already done so.


New Members since 1st January 2013
Frimpeks GmbH, Germany (Active Member)
DYLCO, France (Active Member)
TSRC (LUX) Corporation S.a.r.l., Luxembourg (Associated Member)



Dow:  Vacancy for technical service & development chemist (m/f)
For the business performance plastics/functional materials division at its Valbonne location in the south of France, Dow is looking for a Technical Service & Development Chemist (m/f).  The incumbent: 

  • is responsible for technical support and product development for PSA customers across the EMEA region.  
  • has at least 15 years experience in PSA technology.  
  • works closely with the account managers and the other TS&D team members to ensure technical support to meet or exceed the customer and business goals.  
  • assures that product quality issues are addressed to assure customer satisfaction and improved efficiency in plant operations. 
  • is responsible for the introduction of new products for the application areas and customers for which he/she is the lead TS&D. 
Job ref. #1302677.  Read more/enquire here
tesa strengthens regional bonds, 25 September 2013 – Adhesive tape manufacturer Tesa has announced the appointment of Ted Pennington as its new sales manager for the Midlands/North region.  “As a past OEM, I have seen how the tesa cohesion philosophy delivers practical and valuable support and I hope to use my experience and industry knowledge to the benefit of Tesa’s existing and future customers,” enthuses Pennington.  Read more
3M makes masking simple: launches 5 "go to" industrial masking tapes, 19 September 2013 – 3M revolutionised industrial and consumer markets when it invented Masking Tape in 1925. The company is once again poised to revolutionise the industry, this time, by Making Masking Simple.  Read more
Protective pickling tape:  Latest self-adhesive tape makes pretreating aluminium quicker, easier, September 2013 – Pretreating large metal components before repair takes time. In Germany, researchers are exploring how to simplify the pretreatment process of aluminium (and other metals), moving away from pickling pastes and sprays in favour of tape.  Read more
Lohmann provides tailor-made adhesive solution to mechanical integration, 6 September 2013 – The "Bonding Engineers" not only provide support for their customers while developing the adhesive solution, they will also manufacture bespoke dispensers and machines. At the request of a customer, application engineers Gerd Rottmann and Jan Eller developed a laminating station with an integrated spool unwinder.  Read more
3M launches third tape in its recycled corrugate tape portfolio, 5 September 2013 – Known for its innovation and adhesive technologies, 3M is continuing to expand its line of Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tape, with the addition of 3072, an industrial packaging tape that is designed to deliver performance on today’s corrugated boxes.  Read more
With a unique thermosetting adhesive technology, this new adhesive solution is designed to protect security prints with low energy cost, 2 September 2013 – Lohmann, one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive tape solutions, has developed a range of thermosetting adhesive films to maximise card security.  Read more


tesa introduces range of plate mounting tapes for narrow web print industry, 15 August 2013 – Representatives from the Print & Web Processing Team of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are pleased to announce an addition to its line of plate mounting tapes designed specifically for narrow web flexographic printing applications.  Read more

Auto engineering gets a helping hand from pickling tape for local pre-treatment of aluminium, 13 July 2013 – A new self-adhesive tape that simplifies the process of pickling aluminium surfaces, has been found to be safer than existing treatment methods involving pickling pastes, sprays or baths, as it eliminates the rinsing stage and obviates the need for complicated wastewater disposal.  Read more
tesa tape introduces tesa® Cable Mounting Tape range for vehicles, 10 July 2013 – Representatives from the Automotive Management Team of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are pleased to announce a new line of adhesive tapes designed for permanently securing cables throughout vehicle bodies.  Read more
Self-adhesive tape simplifies the process of treating aluminium surfaces, 3 July 2013 – Aluminium is a light metal used wherever low weight is a prime consideration. Traditionally used in aircraft construction, it is increasingly employed in other sectors such as automotive engineering. But as a base metal, aluminium requires protection against corrosion, which is usually achieved by a special paint or other surface coating. Adhesive bonding is becoming increasingly popular as a means of joining lightweight metal components.  Read more
Fraunhofer Introduces pickling self-adhesive tape for pre-treatment of metal surface, 2 July 2013 – A new self-adhesive tape simplifies the process of pickling aluminium surfaces. It is safer than existing treatment methods involving pickling pastes, sprays or baths, because there is no rinsing stage and hence no need for complicated wastewater disposal.  Read more


Are smaller companies more integrated with modern marketing techniques?, 25 September 2013 – ...“We have the belief here that SMBs can compete online, creating content and pushing it out to the world,” Lance R. Schneider, e-business manager at Budnick Converting, a fabricator of flexible materials such as die-cut adhesive tape, aluminium foil and PVC foam gaskets, told the publication.  Read more
Two from MIT named to Popular Science's Brilliant 10 list:  Pedro Reis and Feng Zhang recognised as young stars in science and technology, 16 September 2013 – ...Over the past few years, Reis, 35, has published a number of eclectic and impactful papers in prominent journals. In 2009 he reported on the delamination of thin films adhered to soft foundations, which is relevant for stretchable electronics. He explained why adhesive films tear into triangular shapes, a problem that applies to both the everyday peeling of adhesive tape from a roll and the manufacturing of tapered graphene nanoribbons.  Read more
Dubai sells sealants firm stake to Saudi's Alkhabeer, 15 September 2013 –  ... In a statement on Sunday, Alkhabeer said that the deal would help Anchor Allied, which specialises in adhesive tape and spray paint, expand further into Saudi Arabia. The Sharjah, UAE-based company already has a footprint in 43 countries including India, the US, in Africa and the CIS nations.  Read more
Evolving pressure-sensitive tape adhesives:  Technology is keeping pace with demands for increasingly industrial applications, 5 September 2013 – Industries ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to building and construction are designing and manufacturing products that call for increasingly sophisticated bonding solutions. New generations of advanced acrylic adhesive technologies used in pressure-sensitive tapes have been developed to keep pace with the evolving industrial requirements.  Read more
Sticky solution helps shrink electrical and optical devices, 4 September 2013 – An international group of researchers have discovered a technique in manufacturing nanostructures that has the potential to shrink the size of electrical and optical devices.  Read more
Taipei Palace Museum's "emperor tape" becomes a hit, 2 September 2013 – When most people think of souvenirs they probably picture postcards, T-shirts and paperweights. But at the Taipei Palace Museum in Taiwan the story is very different. In early July, the museum's latest product, rolls of adhesive tape, became a hit among visitors, all thanks to an ancient emperor.  Read more

Return to the Backyard Tape Test:  After being exposed to sunlight and wind-driven rain for 10 months, are any tape samples still tenacious?, 30 August 2013 – In the fall of 2012, I tested the performance of 11 air-sealing tapes by attaching samples to six different substrates mounted on the exterior wall of my woodshed. A month later, I tried to remove the tape samples to determine which tapes were most tenacious.  Read more
Adhesive tape replaces a skin biopsy in new, noninvasive test for melanoma, 21 August 2013 – If a doctor suspects a mole or skin spot might be cancerous, she would usually give the patient a local anesthetic, cut out or shave off a sample of the skin and send it to a lab for testing. With a new test being developed by biotechnology company DermTech, that sample could be taken without an anesthetic or a procedure that leaves a scar.  Read more
What makes the ‘best’ air barrier?  A builder weighs his many options for creating a durable air barrier in a high-performance house in Massachusetts, 12 August 2013 – Bill L. is planning a high-performance house in Massachusetts and is wrestling with options for the air barrier, that all-important building detail that enhances both energy efficiency and building durability.  Read more

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Recent News:

  • 6th Technical Seminar Event Editorial by Dr. Michael Gerstenberger  Read more
  • Afera’s first two digital newsletters were issued in April and June 2013.
  • The 3rd Global Tape Forum and Global Test Methods Committee Meetings were hosted on 19th November by our Taiwanese counterpart association, TAAT, prior to their Technical Seminar on 20th-21st November 2012.  Read more
  • Themed “Sustainability:  Hype or Your Chance Now?,” the Association’s Annual Conference held from 2nd-5th October 2012 at the Hotel Hesperia Madrid, Spain, was a great success.  Read more
  • Afera conducted a Member satisfaction survey among 110 current Members, ~15 former Members and a large number of potential Members in June 2012 via SurveyMonkey.  Read more

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