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A word from the President
The current European and Italian economic outlook according to Pasquale Capretta, senior economist in Confindustria’s Research Department (Centro Studi)
“We are seeing the biggest dynamic in chemicals in 40 years”:  How to survive the contraction of adhesive raw material supply, according to Tom Brewer, vice president of business development for Argus Media
Promoting the functionalities of tape:  Afera’s social media initiative
Afera Tape College 2014 – Register now
Afera Annual Conference 2014
Afera Sponsorship Opportunities in 2014
Committee Meetings in Brussels next week 
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Afera will host its sixth Tape College in April. Held in Europe’s capital, Afera’s well-established technical learning event is unique to the European tape industry. It is a popular, 2-day educational seminar designed to provide anyone in the tape business with the chance to learn or brush up on the fundamentals and technical essentials of self-adhesive tape. During this ‘back-to-school experience’, industry experts will educate you on the basic principles involved in the formulation, manufacture, application and testing of self-adhesive tapes. This year’s line-up also covers the most current global and European regulatory issues.

The Afera Tape College is still open for sponsorship.
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Read more on the Afera Tape College
7-9 April 2014
Afera Tape College, Brussels - Belgium
1-2 May 2014
Global Tape Forum, Nashville - U.S.A.
Afera Tape College Sponsors 2014
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1-4 October 2014
Afera Annual Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia
A word from the President
Dear Afera Members,

As the incoming Afera president, I am looking forward to leading the Association with the support of the talented Steering, Technical and Marketing Committees and their Working Groups with the view of promoting Afera’s objectives to listen to our Members, to focus on tape issues and to create value for our Member Companies and the industry.
For the last15 years I have led NOVACEL, doubling its size by expanding the organisation throughout the world. I really enjoy working on international issues, having held several managerial positions in different countries, including Australia and Spain.
In sizing up the market for 2014, I believe that Europe is going to follow Asia and North America in showing economic improvement. We should see some growth in continental Europe, led by but not limited to Germany, and a reduced risk of volatility in energy geopolitics with the agreement reached with Iran. Probably for the first time, raw materials prices will not shoot through the roof with global growth, although we will have to keep our eye on the impact of shale gas on the industry. We could see reduced prices for certain products and shortages of others in Europe.
In other terms: For us Europeans, 2014 should be a year of recovery and new opportunities.
I would like to thank my predecessor Peter Rambusch who, through his drive, has greatly consolidated, improved and grown the Association.

I wish you all a successful 2014,

Laurent Derolez
Afera President
The current European and Italian economic outlook

  1. Italy and Europe are beginning to show signs of economic recovery
  2. In Italy in particular, investment is decelerating and foreign orders, followed by domestic orders, have been rising since the end of 2012, indicating that companies will have to increase output in order to satisfy rising demand
  3. According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), we can expect globally a “gradual recovery in coming months” as “conditions for improved trade are... falling into place”
  4. Several factors favour recovery in Italy and Europe, namely stronger world trade, solid growth in the US, recovery in the Eurozone, continuation of growth in emerging countries, less restrictive public budgets in most of the advanced economies, and lower oil prices
  5. Obstacles to recovery in Italy and Europe include political instability, adverse monetary policies, the persisting credit crunch, high unemployment, the ongoing housing adjustment, and national-level structural imbalances
  6. The recovery of the Italian economy will be extremely slow, but stabilisation of economic activity is certainly underway.
1st article in Afera’s Sicily conference presentation series
Mr. Pasquale Capretta’s presentation “The European and Italian Economic Outlook” kicked off the lecture programme at Afera’s recent Annual Conference in Sicily. Currently a Senior Economist in Confindustria’s Research Department (Centro Studi) in Rome, Mr. Capretta is responsible for econometric modelling and forecasting and actively participates in the preparation of the CSC forecast of the Italian economy.

The bottom line: Mr. Capretta demonstrated through his deep analysis of extensive data that Italy and Europe are showing signs of very gradual economic recovery. In Italy in particular, the dip in investment is decelerating and foreign orders, followed by domestic orders, have been rising since the end of 2012. In his words, companies will have to increase output in order to replenish their stock of finished goods to satisfy rising demand. Read more
“We are seeing the biggest dynamic in chemicals in 40 years”:  How to survive the contraction of adhesive raw material supply

  1. A contracting monomer supply in North America is affecting imported monomer and polymer supplies and prices into Europe
  2. Europe is expected to see some supply contraction due to ethylene rationalisation there
  3. European hot melt PSA producers will be increasingly reliant on expanding monomer and polymer supplies from Asia.
2nd article in Afera’s Sicily conference presentation series
Tom Brewer’s presentation “Surviving the Contraction of Adhesive Raw Material Supply” was one of the two highest-rated items at Afera’s recent Annual Conference in Sicily. Currently Vice President of Business Development for Argus Media, Mr. Brewer is a worldwide expert in chemical raw materials for adhesives with over 38 years of experience. He updated the audience of tape producers, suppliers and other related organisations on current trends in raw materials supply affecting their businesses.

The bottom line: As Asian producers of monomers and polymers increase production and quality, European HMPSA producers will become more reliant on Asian supplies. Read more
Promoting the functionalities of tape: Afera’s social media initiative
Afera’s current social media campaign is aimed at potential Member clients who are unfamiliar with the endless potential of PSA products. The Marketing Committee’s action plan has been developed in conjunction with content marketing specialist Mostly Media through numerous brainstorming sessions and interviews with top industry professionals. It focuses on creating and strategically managing online content in which various approaches are presented for functional uses of self-adhesive tape.

A Social Media Virtual Working Group comprised of tape manufacturers, a journalist, an editor, Afera’s Secretary-General and Mostly Media is up and running. Launching Afera’s developing website, afera.com, was just a first step in reaching out to target groups including engineers and designers through valuable and strategically positioned content, which is set for continued generation in 2014. Afera’s planned strategic use of online media is clearly groundbreaking among companies in the European tape industry, who are enthusiastic about increasing their interaction with potential PSA client groups.
Afera Sponsorship Opportunities in 2014
Digital print ads, online banners and messaging at two popular industry events
Afera offers companies four attractive, economical ways to advertise in 2014:
  • Ad in the Association's bimonthly digital newsletter Afera News (2, 4 or 6 editions)
  • Banner at afera.com (12 months)
  • Extensive corporate messaging re: Afera Tape College 2014 and Afera Annual Conference 2014. Includes all event messaging and materials, printed and digital (displayed, distributed and advertised at afera.com), prior to and during the events.
Advertisement and sponsorship rates and details
Advertisement and sponsorship registration form
Afera Committee News
Committee Meetings to be held in Brussels next week

Location: Warwick Barsey Hotel Brussels
Avenue Louise 381-383
1050 Brussels

Technical Committee
Tuesday, 4 February, 19.00, dinner (meeting in hotel lobby at this time)
Wednesday, 5 February, 9.00-12.30, meeting in Barsey III (lunch will be served following the meeting)

Marketing Committee
Wednesday, 5 February, 13.00-17.30, meeting in Barsey III (lunch will served before the meeting), 19.00, dinner (meeting in hotel lobby at this time)

Steering Committee
Wednesday, 5 February, 19.00, dinner (meeting in hotel lobby at this time)
Thursday, 6 February, 9.00-12.30, meeting in Barsey I (lunch will be served following the meeting)

Meeting agendas, former meeting minutes and ongoing action lists have already been distributed to all Committee Members, who are asked to confirm their participation or absence to the Secretariat if they haven’t already done so. Members presenting at the Meetings are kindly requested to send slides and other digital materials to the Secretary-General beforehand.
Member News
New Member since 1 January 2014
A&G Ambalaj San. Tic. LTD. STI, Turkey (Converter Participant)
Adhesive tapes from Tesa are suitable for automotive, acoustic and wind-blade use
www.theengineer.co.uk, 23 January 2014 – Tesa is offering a range of double-sided tapes that are said to be clean, light and strong, to equally distribute stress across a bond area and to offer high resistance to temperatures and different weather conditions. According to the company, the key characteristics of the range — which includes Tesa ACXplus, Tesa 4970, Tesa 7070 ACXplus and Tesa 54994 — are its bonding power, stress dissipation and temperature and weather resistance. However, the tape also offers clear full-surface bonding, extreme load capacity, corrosion prevention, sealing against liquids and good aesthetic results. Read more
Beiersdorf sales rise, extends CEO's contract:  German skin care company's 'Blue Agenda' strategy gives sales a lift
online.wsj.com, 16 January 2014 – German skin care company Beiersdorf AG BEI.XE -1.87% on Thursday extended the contract of its chief executive by five years after the strategy program he implemented helped to boost sales last year. Overall, sales edged up 1.7% to 6.14 billion euros ($8.36 billion), slightly below €6.18 billion analyst consensus, as the strong euro damped growth. Adjusted for currency effects, sales would have been 7.2% higher Beiersdorf said. Full 2013 data is due March 4. Read more
Henkel AG & Co KGaA : Adhesives and surface treatment solutions solve challenges of heavy machinery makers; Henkel solutions for mineral and rock extraction and processing machines
www.4-traders.com, 13 January 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany – It is a machine of superlatives: four floors high, 82 meters long or the length a high-rise building of 20 floors lying on its side. This monster is heavier than a dozen 747 jumbo jets and creeps forward through the earth behind a more than 9 meter tall rotary cutting head. What may sound like science fiction is, in fact, the description of a giant tunnel boring machine (TBM) that was constructed using adhesives from Henkel. Read more
Nitto Denko Corporation:  Researchers submit patent application, "Double-Sided Adhesive Tape", for approval
www.4-traders.com, 9 January 2014, Washington, DC – By a news reporter-staff news editor at Politics & Government Week – VerticalNews journalists report that a patent application by the inventors Fujii, Takahiro (Osaka, JP); Mitsuoka, Yoshiaki (Osaka, JP), filed on February 20, 2012, was made available online on January 2, 2014. The patent's assignee is Nitto Denko Corporation. News editors obtained the following quote from the background information supplied by the inventors: "Conventionally, double-sided adhesive tapes have been widely used for bonding of structural members of various industrial products, due to its more excellent handleability and adhesiveness than those of liquid adhesives. Read more
Industry News
Finally! Sticky tape with non-stick sides takes the stress out of finding that annoying invisible edge
www.dailymail.co.uk, 24 January 2014 –
  • Black lines on the tape show exactly where the glue-free perimeter is located
  • The tape is the work of Chinese innovators at Nanoin Design studio
  • They claim it will save 25% of the adhesive typically used during manufacture Read more
Pedro Reis receives Early Career Award from National Science Foundation:  Award will fund continued development of Smart Morphable Surfaces (or Smorphs), a new class of on-demand morphable structures
web.mit.edu/newsoffice, 24 January 2014 -- The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced recently that Pedro Reis will receive a 2014 Early Career Award from the NSF’s Structural Mechanics and Materials program for his project, “Smart Morphable Surfaces for Aerodynamic Drag Control.” Read more
PhotoTaxidermy launches at the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show, providing hunting and fishing enthusiasts with a greener, more affordable alternative to traditional taxidermy:  simply take a photo, peel and stick to enjoy the life size memory for generations to come
www.prweb.com, 23 January 2014 – Photo Taxidermy, a new alternative to traditional taxidermy, will launch at the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show (January 22-26, 2014) at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Read more
Chibitronics connects circuits with stickers for entertaining electronic education
www.gizmag.com, 22 January 2014 – “Cute circuitry" is not a term you hear often – if at all – but it could be used to describe Chibitronics, which is a crafty merging of electronics and paper. The system combines familiar adhesive stickers with electronic components, such as LEDs, sensor circuits, and even a programmable microcontroller, to create a play set that educates while adding some flash to one’s works of art or otherwise mundane birthday cards. Read more
Gore remediation program and new gore-seam tape certifications address fire department needs
www.fireengineering.com, 22 January 2014 -- Following its November 2013 Product Safety Alert for firefighter turnout gear, W. L. Gore & Associates has worked with fire departments, dealers, and manufacturers throughout North America to assess and reseal, as necessary, the seams of turnouts with Gore moisture barriers. Read more
Moment goes big on smartphone camera magnification
www.technewsworld.com, 21 January 2014 – Moment thinks it has the solution to the software vs. mechanical quality issue – and that's to put ground-glass, larger lenses on smartphones as an add-on. Anyone who produces a quality glass optical telephoto lens for a smartphone will cause the images to be improved over existing digital zoom. Plus, the more glass, the better the results -- although weight affects balance and portability. Read more
The scotch tape roll gets a revamp:  This cheap, simple solution will save millions of people a second or two work of aggravation a year!
www.fastcodesign.com, 15 January 2014 – A Chinese design team has just fixed the single most annoying thing about tape: finding the invisible %&@!-ing edge when it gets lost on the roll. Rather than focus on developing an elaborate dispenser that wouldn't lose the tape's edge, Nanoin Design opted instead to revamp the tape itself. Read more
Quick, easy decorating with washi tape
www.lubbockonline.com, 1 January 2014 – By Jennifer Forker Associated Press, Washi tape — adhesive but easily removed and available in hundreds of colors and patterns — is putting a new spin on decorating. The original thin, sheer tape derived from rice paper was imported from Japan and pounced on about eight years ago by scrapbooking fans and other paper crafters. Its popularity has grown as a creative and simple way to add a personal touch to gifts, wrapping or party decorations. Read more
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